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Beam - Chapter 19
    Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, pitter-patter, paws murmured, accompanied by the occasional stritch, stritch, stritch of claws. Tom, Debris, Sly, Paradise, Desert, Sarah, and Gadget all entered the cave as one excited mass of animals, happily muttering to each other different things.
    "Astro said that this is a semi-important mission he's about to send us on," Gadget murmured, turning to Tom. "I don't know how things may turn out, so keep an eye open for anything you might find suspicious. Otherwise, he might not have summoned all of us for a single mission, ok?"
    Sly smiled. "Gadget, I'm sure we'll all be fine!" she replied before Tom spoke. "We haven't been able to hang out all at the same time in a while, maybe that's why he got all of our attention at once. He did say we all had unique friendships, yes?"
    "He did say that. Like always, Sly is correct!" Debris yipped, booping Sly's shoulder with her nose. "I mean, when
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Beam - Chapter 18
    Stritch, stritch, stritch, stritch...
Claws scraped on the stone as a bear trotted back in forth in his den. Wounds healed, but he felt as if his wounded mind hadn't been yet. They needed a different kind of herbs- answers. Where even were the Nersm's main camp? Where were they from? Why were they invading Earth? What were their plans? How were they drawn to the Beam? Why was Versm asleep, and how did they dream? How did Athgi send them the message if dragon-likes were always bound to one mind, and Layla was dead? Why was Tom related to the Beam?  Was Tom, even further, related to Nersm? How did they gain nearly identical forms to other animals? Those were the answers Astro waited for, pacing back and forth, those different kinds of wounds bleeding like a waterfall.
    Stritch, stritch, stritch, stritch...
    He just wanted to know.
    Stritch, stritch...
    "Astro, Astro!" a voice suddenly shouted, and
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Beam - Chapter 17
    The camp was peaceful. At last, everything had been repaired from the battle, and they were perfectly sheltered from rain and wind, a few other random vines resting here and there that could be harmlessly moved out of the way, allowing winged Athgi to fly out of camp as they wished. Tom, Sarah, Debris, Sly, Desert, and Paradise all gathered around their prey, chattering excitedly.
    "Hey, Sarah?" Debris suddenly commented. "Do you know how long the leaders have been in the meeting?"
    Sarah paused. "Nearly a day. But Gadget told me it's expected for it to atleast two days long, so we won't need to worry until three days after they've left."
    As if on cue, the entrance bushes rattled, and enter Astro and the other leaders. They were bloodied and beaten, green blood lacing their claws, teeth... everything. Immediately, half of the Athgi ran over to assist them all, Sarah among them. The white she-cat, despite being shoved out of the way
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Beam - Chapter 16
  Tom laid in the cat's den, watching a group of chattering cats, though he wasn't listening to their conversation. Not because it was rude, but because something that had almost always troubled him had returned to mind- what was with Sarah and Gadget's outbreaks over Brownie being mentioned for? His mind had been wandering a lot ever since then, and he had also rmembered Gadget's mournful reaction to the mention of the possibly dead cat.
  Maybe now was the time to figure out.
  Gadget wasn't in the camp, since he was out at the meeting then. But Tom turned around, seeing Sarah. He almost didn't want to ask- but his curiosity was at its limit, scratching at the walls and begging for answers, so he stood up anyways and trotted to the she-cat, but his heart felt like it was going to pound out of his chest, since he was so afraid of hurting her feelings. He didn't want to do this, but he did.
  "S-Sarah," he meowed, trying to ke
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Beam - Chapter 15
Author's note: Hey, everyone! So, I have to confess- originally, every Beam chapter had a theme song, but those were stored on my computer. If you've been reading this story as I posted them, you'd know that after chapter 13 released, my computer bluescreened, which also means I lost everything on that computer, including the links. I only remember a few of them- including this chapter. Here you go, m'friend.
  The leaders, assistants, deputies, second in commands- they all froze dead on a the spot. As if by telepathy, they all knew what to do- the ones who obviously had more years of training surrounded the others, going from most skilled to least skilled. They all had gone through years of training, and they knew that the Nersm weren't braindead- if they were going to attack, they'd bring their strongest fighters, no, monsters, to war. Everyone's training was about to be put to the test.
  As if on cue, the Nersm finally appeared. "H
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Beam - Chapter 14
  "Greetings, everyone. I am so glad you all could make it."
  Astro's calm gaze swept over the group of Athgi. Everyone there had to go through years of training, leader or not, to be able to attend.
  "I am Astro, leader of the First Athgi, son of Layla, the very First Athgi, from Canada. This here is Gadget the cat, my second in command, and Vision the hawk," the bear continued, turning to the fellow Canadian Athgi, who both bowed their heads in unison.
  "Nice to see you again, Astro. Hard to believe we were mere cubs when we first met. I am Noella the puma, and this is Alfons the bull and Yaron the goat," said puma introduced, standing up to turn to the two hoofed animals.
  "It's a... good day to meet you," Simcha muttered. The leopard seal turned to Agata the blue-eyed shag and a macaroni penguin. "This is my assistant, Agata the blue-eyed shag, and my deputy, Perica the macaroni penguin."
  The waves on the nearby beach churned slightly as a narwha
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Beam - Chapter 13
  Everyone gathered around a large stone affixed in the center of their home. The plants resting over the camp in a protective manner, shielding most of the Athgi camp from most weather, a hole in the center to let sunlight shine down on the bear standing on the rock that overlooked all the animals surrounding him. Cats, dogs, other bears, snakes, birds of all kinds, lizards, racoons, big animals, small animals, animals of all sizes, animals battered with scars from head to toe, animals completely free of scars (excluding their chest), animals young, animals old, animals born in that very camp, animals who had to leave their home to fight- they all looked up at their leader, Astro.
  "Brothers, sisters, and others, we all know of the ambush from the Nersm," Astro began, face grim. "We lost as much Athgi as they lost Nersm- some dead, some missing. Let us all be silent for a moment to remember those that died in this scorching war."
  Heads lowered, and everyone thought a
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A dance by RadioZap777 A dance :iconradiozap777:RadioZap777 3 6
Beam - Chapter 12
    Cloudy bit into a piece of prey. Chewing the flesh, he turned to Sarah with a grin on his face. the white-haired she cat retaliated with a warm smile. "Cloudy, you have grown up very fast. Me and the others are very proud of you, young one."
    The kitten swallowed the chunk of meat. "Heheh, yea! I've learned a lot in training. Um, uhh... Derr... ejesy... O mersm?" He grinned as he pronounced every word.
    Sarah chuckled. "Vepttervy! You have learned a lot about both Athgi and Nersm. You are a very smart kitten." Her eyes floated towards the dead mouse. "By the way, Cloudy; Have you caught any prey yet?"
    Cloudy grinned. "Heheh, not yet, but I'm going hunti-"
    Before he could finish, a shriek-like noise burst into camp. A deer (which presumably made the noise) and two horses charged in, both looking horrified. "N-Nersm!" the deer screeched. "They-they're coming this way! I-I-I-I saw them, and I sense them c-coming this way!
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Beam - Chapter 11
    Tom trotted down the cave. Having been an Athgi for a while, he was nearly numb to the stone scraping underclaw. As the tabby padded down the cave that had been carved out by the last generation of Athgi - most of which, he assumed, have long since passed - he tried to recollect everything that had happened since he left his house. He had only been an Athgi for seven days, and so much had happened.
    He paused.
    Let's see what he could recall.
    He remembered leaving his house, following by the ambush from the fake Brownie and... Shesyjes? But in their defense, he attacked first.
    He remembered Debris appearing from who-knows-where and saving him, and Debris then explaining the life of an Athgi to him.
    He remembered meeting his friends.
    He remembered healing from the fight, and meeting Astro.
    He remembered training, and meeting Versm.
    He remembered Versm revealing the
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Beam - Chapter 10
    Versm shot up from their puddle-like state- literally. The Nersm flung themself into the air, splatting on the roof. They quickly clung on as tightly as they could, blubbering quietly under their breath. They glanced around, embarrassed for flying onto the roof, before crawling down and pacing. "Oh, no. oh, oh, no..." They glubbed as quiet as a ladybug crawling on a leaf.
    They paced for a bit, trying to recall their dream. Why was EmtojmeoiVemor offering Versm their role back? Didn't it know that SobdoxVemor's return would send Emtojmeoi back to its old role as a Lepdy- one of the lowest roles of the Nersm?
    A Lepdy and a Versm. Battling for leadership.
    When neither of them should have had it.
    The Nersm turned around, glubbing under their breath in fear. "Y-yes..." they paused as their eyes adjusted to the darkness around at last. "...Astro?"
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Beam - Chapter 9
            Versm laid in a small clearing. Most of the ground and trees appeared to be burnt, some trees having even fallen over. They were shaking, but kept themselves pressed to the ground. At the slightest rumble of thunder, they’d flinch, wishing they could bury themself into the ground.
            Rustle, rustle.
            That was not lightning.
            Versm shouted in fear, but the last bit of their Nersmi roots made the shout grow aggressive sounding. “Wh-who goes there!?” they shouted.
            A male lion (it didn’t seem male, but it had a mane…) came out of the bush. A pair of feathery wings rested at its side, and its tail was more furry than a normal lion’s. It flexed bear-like
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''It's okay, Arky' dear.'' by RadioZap777 ''It's okay, Arky' dear.'' :iconradiozap777:RadioZap777 4 1
Beam - Chapter 8
    "I can't believe it!" Tom meowed loudly, running over to stand near his friends. "We found the crystal!"
    "I know," Desert hissed quietly. "I don't think anyone can believe it."
    "You can say that again," Debris whispered.
    "I don't think anyone can believe it."
    "You can say that again."
    "I don't think anyone can believe it."
    "You can say that again."
    Paradise laughed. "Well, then, I guess we tell Astr-"
    "Speak of the devil and he thus appear," a familiar, deep voice called. The group of friends turned around, seeing Astro.
    "Astro!" Sarah mewed, almost like a kitten. "We uncovered the crystal!"
    The bear nodded. "I can see that very well." He trotted over to it. "It's gl
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Beam - Chapter 7
    "Been a while since we last chatted, no?"
    Tom, Swift, Debris, Sarah, Desert, and Paradise were on mining duty. Using old, sharpened rocks, they were attempting to dig out the crystal. They had been instructed to be very careful, as Versm was claiming their dream was repeating, possibly signaling they were getting closer.
    "Pff, yea!" Paradise replied, fluffing up the feathers on her neck slightly. "How's training been, Tom?"
    Said tabby shrugged. "Good! Fang and Lilliac are becoming good friends of mine."
    "That's nice!" Sarah meowed, before giving the wall a good thwack. She turned to Tom and whispered, "I've noticed Desert getting reeeaaally nervous around Paradise lately. I dunno why, but I'm thinkin'..." She trailed off, giggling quietly.
    Tom snickered, picking up his stone and hitting it against the wall as well. Swift turned to the others. "Y'know, the more we mine, the warmer it gets. You think we'r
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Beam - Chapter 6
    Before anyone could say anything else, Versm straightened into an even more formal shape. "Please, follow me," they asked. Their form began to... change. They shifted into a canine or feline like body. As they had no physical form, their body dripped a lot, yet they ran deeper into the cave, the Athgi following. They stopped near the end of the cave system, and turned to face the Athgi. They appeared to be smiling, and since their mouth was the only way of showing emotion, it was hard to tell that they were relieved.
    "It is about time to end this war," they began, returning to normal. "As you should kn-know, I am the same species as your enemy, but I do not wish to harm. I was kicked out for that reason, and because I'm... different." Their eyes darted around quickly, as if looking at the fluid that made them, before looking back at the Athgi. "But I have something to show you. A long time ago, I had a strange dream."
    "Mr. Versm," Brownie's kit
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